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I have to thank her for being my tour guide and helped me out with shopping too She is a respective person in her school and community for her continuous outstanding contribution to both her school and society.

There are so many things to learn from each other and one project is just not enough. I believe that this collaboration has opened more doors for networking as well as collaboration and the success of this project is just a beginning for more collaborative projects between Navarachana and MGS.

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On the next day, I had a half-day workshop with the students, site compagnon e for english. These pictures were taken during the workshop with students. The workshop with students turned out to be very fruitful. Their positive attitude and engaging nature made the workshop meaningful. They were willing to try, share and accept new ideas. They were also very much interested in exploring new ideas shared during the workshop. I also had story-reading sessions in between the workshop where I shared some interesting Malaysian folktales.

Department of State. The aim of our project site compagnon e for english to bring different perspectives into the teaching and learning practices in both our schools and districts. Hence, site compagnon e for english, Madam Kashmira and I decided to travel to each other's countries to conduct workshops on developing 21st-century skills for both students and teachers. I was given the traditional Indian welcome by the teachers and students by applying what known as 'tikka' on my forehead and adorning garlands around my neck.

Our students truly enjoyed the workshop. I was there throughout the workshop and I could see that Madam Kashmira's workshop had definitely brought in ideas from a different perspective.

I was told that Navrachana has a strength of approximately students and teachers, site compagnon e for english. During the school tour, I met a number of teachers and also all the coordinators. I was impressed by their passion and enthusiasm towards educational excellence. Each and every teacher whom I met was filled with passion for teaching. The school tour was a learning experience. I definitely understood the reason for Navrachana being among the top schools in India after talking to the teachers and coordinators.

What I liked about the students there was they were eager to try and speak throughout the workshop which I don't normally see when I conduct workshops in Malaysia, we can't deny the fact that our Malaysian students are very passive or trained to be quiet especially when there is a visitor. Just like my workshop with the students, the workshop with teachers turned out to be very rewarding as well. The teachers were fun to be with. I did not only share my ideas but learnt a lot from them too.

It takes time for us to warm up to some people but instantly get connected with some and just like that there were some people in Vadodara whom I instantly 'clicked' with. Memorable Pictures These are some people whom I have spent less than 24 hours but we developed a great sense of camaraderie. Last but not least Ms Nigma, 2nd row 2nd picture a history teacher who turned out to be an excellent tour guide.

We are planning for pen - pal project for students from both schools, site compagnon e for english. Hopefully, it will work out well. Posted by, site compagnon e for english.

Madam kashmira also warmed - up with the English teachers and soon became one of us. I was happy that we could show the same love that was given to me when I was in India. In conclusion, our collaborative exchange project has definitely brought in new ideas and knowledge to both schools in India and Malaysia.

The board games were both interactive and mind-challenging. I was impressed with the fact that the teachers worked together and innovatively developed their in-house products. It is the first of its kind and also first in India! The team is headed by Madam Kashmira Jaiswal. Kudos to the entire team for making their board game library a success.

It was touching that I instantly felt at home. Madam Bijoya Bakshi who is the Director of the School gave a welcoming speech and it was followed by a row of brilliant performances by the students. Pictures were taken during the welcome assembly During the assembly, I was also entertained with some memorable performances. One of them was a Kuchipudi dance by one of the students, Sindhuja. After the assembly, it was time for a short school tour.

Madam Kashmira's Workshop with Students Madam Kashmira's session with our students was rather mind-boggling. She conducted a workshop on developing critical and creative thinking skills and it turned out pretty well as students were seen actively participating in the tasks given to them. This was a welcoming workshop for students who were so used to academic-oriented seminars and workshops.

It was a great honour to have had her in our school for a week. She was given a warm welcome during our morning assembly with a welcoming speech by Pn. Gan Lee Lee. Soon after the assembly Madam Kashmira was given a short school tour and soon it was time for her workshop with our students.

All that she shared are applicable in the Malaysian ESL teaching and learning context. I hope that teachers who had attended the workshop will disseminate the knowledge gained to colleagues in their respective schools. Shallyna and Pn. Zuhira have been my pillars of support in making the workshop a success. Faisal who has been instrumental in making the collaboration a success. I could see that during Madam Kashmira's visit to our school both Site compagnon e for english. Gan Lee Lee site compagnon e for english Madam Kashmira had developed great camaraderie.

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They were given the opportunity to share their ideas so that I could understand what was happening in their ESL classrooms. Pictures were taken during the workshop for teachers in Sama District. I noticed that the teachers are all well informed about teaching methodologies and classroom strategies. I was told that they have to keep themselves abreast of all new strategies as teaching is their bread and butter, being lackadaisical will cost them their job site compagnon e for english they are all teaching in private schools and the schools demand them to be the best.

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They can't afford to take teaching profession for granted. Being in private school they have to site compagnon e for english perform and show good results, which is why I understand the students are performing well, site compagnon e for english. The teachers there are constantly on their wheels!!!! My four days visit ended eventually and I returned to Mumbai and then to Malaysia, I have not only enriched myself with new knowledge but I also made a handful of good friends.

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